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Nobody wants to have a dental emergency, but if you do please contact Tymes Square Dental right away for treatment! We understand how scary an emergency can be, and know they can happen at the most unconvienent time. At Tymes Square Dental we offer emergency services and the upmost dental care to make sure you are taken care of right away. We would like our patients to know we care about their emergencies and that they will be handled promptly. Our goal is to eliminate any pain and discomfort you may be having and fix the emergency right away.


Contact Tymes Square Dental If Any Of The Following Emergencies Occur

⦁ Extreme Tooth Pain/Infection

⦁ Broken/Fractured Tooth

⦁ Broken Crown

⦁ Filling that has been lost or cracked

⦁ Gums in any area of the mouth that are swelled or bleeding

What To Expect: Emergency Dental Treatments - Root Canals & Tooth Pain

We take action when it comes to any of these situations, we know they can be scary and bring on much discomfort. Here at Tymes Square Dental the sooner your issue is addressed and fixed the sooner there is for complete restoration. We promise to meet your needs when it comes to dental medical emergencies. 

If you are in Spring, TX or any of the surrounding area and a medical dental emergency arises please do not hesitate to call Tymes Square Dental. We want to help fix your dental emergency.  We look forward to helping you and your family with the service you deserve. 

Tymes Square Dental is Spring, TX's Leading Emergency Dental Office - Best Emergency Dentist in 77386 Proudly Providing Quality Emergency Dental Care & Root Canals To The Surrounding Areas. Cavities & Root Canals, Chipped/Cracked Tooth Treatment Near You

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