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If you are like a lot of people going to the dentist can be a little nerve wrecking. Here at Tymes Square Dental we want to make your time in the chair as relaxing as possible. As a solution we offer sedation dentistry for many of our services. Sedation is a choice given to patients who may be extremlemy nervous about the dentist. At Tymes Square Dentistry we find it important to offer an option for all patients. We never want you to avoid going to the dentist just because you are uncomfortable with the experience. There are many different safe and comfortable options for sedation here at our office. Sedation is offered to patients who have high anxiety about going to the dentist, who have difficulty becoming numb from the anesthetic and who have a hard time sitting still in the chair. The plus side of using our sedation is the amount you can get done for your teeth, since you will be at ease you can get even restorative and cosmetic procedures done without the stress!

Our sedation allows patients to have a calm experience at the dentist. We want to take care of our patients by giving them the most upmost care by also making sure they are comfortable and stress free.


Our Options For Sedation At Tymes Square Dental

Sedation dental treatments can help our patients relax and have a stress free dentist appointment. Not only that, but our patients can chose from a method they are comfortable with. Our practice is licensed by The American Dental Association and we are professional and careful at all times.

There a a few different options when it comes to choosing the right sedation method, mild sedation, moderate sedation, and deep sedation.

Mild Sedation is used for patients who have anxiety about going to the dentist, for long procedures and for complex situations. Mild sedation is administered by a pill, which is taking a few hours before your appointment or inhaling gas through a nose piece. This time of sedation relaxes the patient but does keep them away the entire time.

Moderate Sedation is used for the same reasons as mild sedation, except for how it is given. This type of sedation typically requires the light use of IV sedation. Patients will still remain awake during the procedure however it is highly recommended that the patient have someone accompany them home after the procedure, it takes several hours for moderate sedation to wear off.

Deep Sedation is the final option when it comes to our sedation practices. This type of sedation is for patients who have extreme anxiety and they go between consiousness and unconsciousness during the procedure. At the end of the procedure they will typically have no memory of the procedure. The sedation will take several hours to wear off so it is highly recommended that someone accompany you to take you home after the procedure.

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Debbie P.

Amazing staff! Everyone is so wonderful to deal with. I am such a wimp when it comes to the dentist but they make it a wonderful experience and put you at ease. I won’t go anywhere else. They are always looking out for your best interest. I would highly recommend them for the whole family.

Jackie G.

Great experience! By far the best dentist in this area! Always is straight forward and honest about dental work! If you or child really do not have to have it then she will not do it. My kids love going here. Everyone is always so friendly!

Jacob G.

Great place to go. I have been going here for years and so have my parents. The staff is friendly and the doctors are very professional. Definitely recommend this place.

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